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Come along to one of our fun and FREE COGS girls social rides and get some riding tips to help develop your skills and confidence.

COGS Girls Social Rides

For many years BikeNOW have been providing women’s specific cycling development sessions called ‘COGS Girls’. The group encourages women of all abilities to get the most from their cycling, both in terms of improved skill and increased confidence on the bike. COGS Girls is also a great social environment, where women can get together with other like-minded people to share the enjoyment of learning in a supportive group environment.

COGS Girls was originally formed by Cycling Victoria to introduce women to road cycling in a friendly and safe setting. The majority of women who join or just drop in are beginners, and as they become more experienced and faster they move on to more experienced groups, and there are plenty to which we can introduce you.

The development sessions are ideally focused on those starting out. After about 3 – 12 months (depending on how much riding is done outside of the classes) COGS Girls will be able to ride with almost any group, but do so in style, and with elegance. The sessions focus critically on technique, not speed or initial ability. We cover technical aspects like – clipping in and out of your pedals efficiently and safely, climbing while seated & while standing, hill starts, group riding etiquette and safety, emergency stopping and a whole raft more.

COGS Girls Development sessions are conducted in a supportive group environment and have no initial speed requirements – if you think you’re slow, you’re most probably not! Our groups always cater to the speed of the slowest rider, and sessions are far more about building superior technique while simultaneously increasing your natural speed.

Of course, cycling and coffee go together like… well, cycling and coffee! After each session we stop for a de-brief and coffee at a chosen cafe.

For times & dates of upcoming sessions as well as meeting locations and ride info, please visit our Facebook page.

Cogs Girls Skills Based Sessions

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